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Otherwise known as spousal support, this is financial maintenance provided by a supporting partner to their dependent spouse after weighing a mosaic of factors inclusive of health, age, earning capacity,  marital estate, length of marriage and one's station in life. Our cases typically involve complex valuations for which require how best to equitably distribute between the parties or, if necessary, persuasively demonstrate to a Court our proposed support order.

Allocations of Assets

Once we have the opportunity to properly value the marital estate, inclusive of ownership positions and retirement vehicles, respectively, we are able to assist you in proposing and reviewing allocation of asset scenarios for which you are secure, post-divorce.

Appellate Law

Our first approach is to ascertain the viability of an appeal and whether an error in the application of the law warrants seeking such extreme relief.  As a result, our firm has enjoyed family law appellate success.

Children: custody and support determinations

The most important aspect of our practice is when our client needs to pursue or defend any challenges to presumptive joint legal custody canons. We shall be your fiercest advocate understanding your child's best interest is paramount and the charge to any orders. We are well seasoned in concerns surrounding mental health concerns and mitigating such issues, when necessary.


The ending of a marriage is one of the most painful or liberating experiences one can go through. Thus, it requires the assistance of experienced legal professionals to navigate your unique familial dynamic and marital estate. This entails exchange and document analysis for purposes of reaching a fair dissolution proposal, with or without Court intervention.

Litigation: Trials and Hearings

Attorney Collins' skills within a Courtroom are unparallelled and demonstrate the true art of a litigator. Fearlessness, knowledge of the law and decorum  within a Courtroom have been honed. Trial ready also assists in settlement whereas opposing counsel is aware we do not have trepidation of entering a Courtroom, should fair settlement negotiations not result. Thus, when necessary,  we will hold your hand in a courtroom and know when the time for trial is a requisite in preventing our client from being taking advantage of.

Modifications of Court Orders

In post-divorce family law matters,  modifications to court orders will likely result due to life's everchanging conditions that were impossible to forecast at the time of the divorce. Children's needs alter, health can waiver, fortunes can increase or dissolve- to that end, let us guide you through post-divorce or custodial changes.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Many families, aside from the bride and groom, wish to strike an agreement in advance of the wedding so as not to jeopordize perhaps other generation's interests. Thus, we can handle discreetly and thoroughly so as not to disrupt the intended nuptials. Postnuptial agreements can provide security to spouses and families while in the throes of a marriage. We can guide you on your goals and certainly detail the differing analysis' applied to both types of agreements.

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